【JavaScript, jQuery】Typed.js Tutorial, Source Code Included

18 / 12 / 2017
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Hiya, it’s Arisa (Schabibi), a freelance Frontend Developer from Japan, and living in Germany.

Many websites use animations.

One of my favorite animation is the one using  Typed.js.


I also applied on my portfolio website.

It’s an animation effect makes some text looks like somebody is texting on the web page.

But sometimes, it causes an error like text cursor is not showing or the cursor goes somewhere.

That’s what most people asking and I also went through that common issue.

Today, I wanna leave a note to show one of the samples to make Typed.js works well with a sample code.


【WordPress, PHP】the_tags() & the_category() to Enable Tags & Categories

30 / 11 / 2017
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Hi there, it’s Arisa (Schabibi), a freelance Frontend Developer living in Germany.

While I was fixing my original WordPress theme which I use for this blog, I had a chance to enable tags on each article.


Tags for some of the bloggers are significantly important for SEO and making their blog visitors to explore blogs easier.

All you need to do for this great customize is just hit the very small amount of code to enable tags.

Then why not to do that for selling your great WordPress theme to be more friendly to any bloggers?


I keep notes for myself and for those of you to figure out making your own WordPress theme.



【Git, GitLab & GitHub】Solution for Rejected Error

27 / 11 / 2017
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When I was doing push to Gitlab, I got a reject error on my terminal.


Everything was perfect just right before I hit the command to push to my branch.

But it solved after all with just a tiny magic wand.

To prevent keep forgetting, I make notes for myself.

Hope this note works for your case as well!



【Git, GitLab & GitHub】How to Make a Branch, Commit & Push

17 / 11 / 2017

Hi there, it’s me, Arisa, a freelance Frontend Developer (:

To prevent forgetting, I make a note about how to make a branch, commit and push for mainly GitLab and GitHub.

(I know you see Bitbucket too …cuz I couldn’t find the best image… and I won’t mention this time Bitbucket, sorry!)


For those of you who are very new to Git, GitHub and GitLab, this note could be challenging.

But if you’re already familiar with terminal for Mac users, and have an environment that you’re ready to command with Git but just lost with branch, commit, push etc, this place is something for you.


Always happy to get advice if you know a better way to command!

Alright, let’s get start (:


Google AdSense: How To Get Approval & Set Up Ads (WordPress)

3 / 09 / 2017
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Hiya, it’s Arisa (Schabibi) from Japan, a freelance Frontend Developer lives in Germany.

This article is for those of you searching for a tutorial how to get approval from Google AdSense, and how to set up your ads after approval (:


AdSense has changed few things in these few months also, we hear too many rumors.

If you’re looking for a most updated info to get an approval from Google AdSense, you’re reading a right article (:   (Article was written on Sep 2017)


In this article, you’ll find these in below.


1. All process to get an approval from Google AdSense & all details of what you need to prepare before you apply

2. Tutorial to set up ads after you got an approval from Google AdSense


I prove you that it’s not that difficult to get an approval within 1 week and few days with less than 20 articles you write before you apply.

Why I’m saying this?

It’s because I can tell you this is true from my own experience that I got an approval and showing ads on my blog within just exactly 1 week and 2 days since I applied.

And the numbers of articles I wrote before applying was just 16 articles.

Make things easier with this tutorial and join with us in AdSense life (;